A short season in Saskatchewan that happens during April. It consists of warm temperatures one week only to be followed by below zero temperatures and large amounts of blowing snow.
I can't take anymore of this Sprinter. I wish summer would arrive already.
by Macbeth42 May 03, 2005
A runner and a ripper combined or a girl that runs to guys so flash before u can blink cutty
A runner?! Hell nah dat bitch a sprinter
by Big $mit January 25, 2006
Toyota AE86 - Corolla Levin & Trueno.
A well over rated RWD Toyota Corolla, made popular by the Initial D japanimation.
Powered by either a 4AC or 4AGE, in stock form they are really just a shopping trolley. Although most Initial D wannabe's claim the car is gods gift to drifting.
I am teh dorifto king in my sprintah!!!!11
by Takumi April 28, 2005

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