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When you grow facial hair that's not quite a beard, but not quite stubble. Personified by Jersey's Hero Bruce Springsteen and imitated by Singer Songwriter's World Wide.

Can also be used as a verb (Sprinsteening) when someone is in the phase between beard and stubble.

Hipster in Austin Texas - Dude, you're totally Springsteening your way into being a Beard Rocker.

Lonesome Folk Guitar Player - Yeah, I've been trimming my Springsteen down in the hopes of achieving more indie cred.
by Johnny Sarkis March 27, 2007
A sexual act wherein one party slides across a slick surface into sexual congress with the other.
After watching the Superbowl Halftime Show, Timmy waxed up the kitchen floor and Springsteened Susan all night long.
by inhetet February 01, 2009
To place one's crotch in close proximity to another person's face. As Bruce Springsteen did to a cameraman and the world during the Super Bowl XLIII half-time show.
My boss just Springsteened me! He spent the entire meeting standing directly in front of me. For the entire meeting all I could see was his crotch!
by RJB1 February 02, 2009
(noun): a term used to describe the visible outline of male genitalia in excessively tight jeans. Often perpetrated by hipsters, emo's and other such fashion forward individuals.
"Check out the springsteen on that asshat. He def had a bar mitzvah."
by jerseygirl740 February 09, 2009
a cigarette
"can i borrow a springsteen?"
"no, you can't."
by jeremy springsteen April 30, 2004
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