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A thorough cleaning around the house when winter is over.
I need a spring cleaning service on my house
by RafaelJax March 04, 2006
The time of the year when you pay nutters with half, moldy nuts to peel your nut film at the Nut Salon. (Preferably South Hill Nut Salon)
1. Dude. SPRING CLEANING TIME! Let's all make our appointments at South Hill Nut Salon! I'm paying! I have enough half, moldy nuts to pay for ev-er-y one.
by TheNutters2008 July 10, 2008
a term used by drug dealers or high minded criminals to "clean up" when they get word the Feds have obtained a search warrant to check their property.
Tony- Let's go,... NOW!
Paulie- Why?
Tony- Spring Cleaning
by myspace/cartelzww April 17, 2007
The act of having sex with a woman who thinks their period is over only to find out after-wards that it wasn't as over as you thought.
Woman: hey I think it's over!
Man: sweet!

Then afterwards...

Man: hey looky! I think I found some stuff you lost while spring cleaning!
Woman: you better go take a shower...
by TheBlackBeast March 17, 2010
When a woman/man drinks and licks off all of a womans/mans cum so as to be sparkley clean inside the vaginal or dick area and out.
I'll give you a good spring cleaning tonight.
by dnation November 08, 2007

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