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A Small fairy-like creature that resides in the fat folds of Rosie O'Donnell's stomach and body. Usually very pail and very moist causing its wings to not work.
Ryan: Dude did you see that chick?
Andrew: Ya dude she probably has warring tribes of spriggets with all those fat folds!

Dylan: Dude she got so fat this past year...
Ryan: Ya man she went from 30 to at least a thousand spriggets. So gross.

Brett: Dude What do you think the sprigget count is on those lovehandles?
Chris: Oh jeez man....has to be at least 20,000. They have to be lovin it
#fat #folds #rosie #o'donnell #spriget #spiket #fairy #small #lovehandles
by Dankmaster December 22, 2008
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