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The 'accidental' or on-purpose removal of a person's spoon from a communal kitchen area by person or persons unknown.
I recently left my mug complete with teabag and teaspoon in my workplace communal kitchen whilst I went about my business. When I later returned to make my cup of tea THE SPOON HAD GONE.

I had been a victim of Spoonjacking!
by Felicity Potbottle September 09, 2010
A true test of male bonding, whereby one gentleman of sound mind and kindred spirit, befriends a casual aquaintance of his dearest fellow stag, and understands the pressures and limitations of a "spooning" relationship, and feels the desire to aid the demands of the female entity, and hence "hijacks" a proportion of the workload, of course with the best intentions for all.
After which, an agreement is made to perpetuate this arrangement until the needs of the damsel have been adequately fulfilled
Michael: That birds been around a few times this week mate, are you sure you're up to the task?
Peter: Not a problem, my friend JC has been more than happy to share the workload. And even though I cannever recall asking him, I'm relieved he's there for me
Tim: Seems like a clear cut case of Spoon Jacking to me, and we should all be very grateful
by The phantom tanner October 31, 2014
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