A word or phrase created by swapping the initial letters (or first consonant sounds) of two words or syllables to get a new word word or phrase. The spelling doesn't have to be correct, only the pronounciation is important. The term "spoonerism" was named after Reverend W.A. Spooner (1844-1930).

Not to be confused with anagrams, palindromes, and other word games.
- "Peas and carrots" is a spoonerism of "keys and parrots"
- "tea bags" becomes "bee tags"
- "trail mix" becomes "mail tricks"
- "Save the whales" becomes "wave the sails"
- "forearm" becomes "oar farm"
by Bill M. August 27, 2004
Coined from the late great Do-Shua Jick-Sun III, a term that relates to any anecdote or act performed by an individual who continues to pursue or pester an individual. The acts tend to be related to feelings of unrequited love, wherein the individual would exert extreme or obsessive behaviour towards an uninterested in individual.
Robin: Uh oh, he asked me to go on cam again and to flash my gooch :(

Josh: Yet another one of his crazy Spoonerisms right that. Sorry to hear this.

Dan: LULZ.
When you switch the first 2 letters of 2 words around to form a new phrase.
Here's a spoonerism:

Cloudy hit.
by I ain't tellin' you NoTHIN!!! September 15, 2006

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