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A fart when one is sleeping that is so loud it wakes either you or your partner and at least one of you has NO idea what the hell that was and think their might be someone or something else in the house with you.
Bob: You look tiered Alan.
Alan: Yeh Mrs woke up last night and insited I check the house for burgalers.

Bob: Find any?
Alan: No I knew it was just a Spook of the Night but I wasn't going to tell her that!


Lilly and dave both wake up in the middle of the night. Dear what was that??? I'm not sure. Go find out then! *smell rises* OH DAVE! ... Wow was that noise me?
by Anna's February 09, 2010
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Sneaky, Powerful and Evil one.

All powerful and Evil Spook of the Night can be quite terrifying.

If you are lucky enough to meet this queen of Dark then either Run or offer her a big handshake. (It is best to be on the better side of her)

She sticks to the night because there are less do-gooders around and she can twist fates for her own entertainment.
"Oh my gosh! Rowanne is Dead with a harpoon through her neck!"

"Looks like Spook of the Night got to her."
by Anna's February 07, 2010
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