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I piece of Java-script Code placed within a Browser Bookmark, normally designed to run in Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. The Spocklet is launched to load game management Scripts, to assist in the tediousness of playing the Game Mafia Wars.
The Repeat Job Spocklet was used to help get through all the clicking necessary in Destination Vegas.

The Link-a-Nator Spocklet is a great tool to help generate gifting links.
by Pistol Pete of Spockholm March 26, 2011
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The name of a piece of javascript code that can be used in a Browser Bookmark to perform some function to enhance game play in the game Mafia Wars. Used primarily to prevent repetitive clicking actions.
The War Machine Registration Spocklet is Awesome, it was fast and easy to register for the Mock War.

Man the RepeatJob Spocklet has saved me from getting carpal tunnel syndrome.
by Pistol Pete of Spockholm March 31, 2011
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