A game played by 5-25 people in mote park, usually involving a ball and two goals, more commonly known as football. Derived from the word sport whilst in the shop
"Lets go play some SPOAT"
by mArtAn pArtAn September 20, 2006
Top Definition
jizz,cum,goop-the stuff that comes out of the penis when having sex
She swallowed my spoat, after sucking me off.
by Dillyeerus December 27, 2003
A substance similar to Spam but made from goat meat.
I was at this Croatian grocery store and I found Spoat.
by Prilldonious May 14, 2007
Something stylish and sporty. Ofton used to describe cars, particularly BMWs
Get your meximobile honda outta here and make way for my bimmer spoat!
by John Smith May 12, 2003
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