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A game played by 5-25 people in mote park, usually involving a ball and two goals, more commonly known as football. Derived from the word sport whilst in the shop
"Lets go play some SPOAT"
by mArtAn pArtAn September 20, 2006
5 9
A substance similar to Spam but made from goat meat.
I was at this Croatian grocery store and I found Spoat.
by Prilldonious May 14, 2007
4 6
jizz,cum,goop-the stuff that comes out of the penis when having sex
She swallowed my spoat, after sucking me off.
by Dillyeerus December 27, 2003
4 9
Something stylish and sporty. Ofton used to describe cars, particularly BMWs
Get your meximobile honda outta here and make way for my bimmer spoat!
by John Smith May 12, 2003
4 10