Noun: The splash damage coming back and hitting you from a pee or poop.

Verb: the act of causing splashback from a poop or pee, either on yourself OR someone else.
OMG, dude, you just got sploot on your shoe.
by Mond and Morley December 17, 2007
Top Definition
When a corgi lays flat on its belly with his/her legs spread out.
That corgi is sleeping in sploot mode.
by rSlashCorgi December 12, 2011
As milk ages, and curdles, it releases gas. If in a tight container, such as a milk jug, pressure will build up until the top explodes outward, creating a "sploot."
DAMN DUDE. That shit just splooted outta nowhere!
by Blazaga June 23, 2006
the sudden burst of any bodily fluid at any given moment.

I was sitting on the bus when i felt a rush of liquid falling out of my rectem, this is when i realized i splooted all over myself.

by Swimming with fetus February 24, 2006
To leave tread marks in one's underwear
Ah, jeez! Dean splooted in his drawers again!
by Steviedee January 30, 2004
An affair between to married bisexuals of the same sex.
I think tony is having a sploot with the milkman
by EC May 18, 2003
A ho, or trick-like female. Actually desribing a civilian, not prostitutes.
Yu f_cking sploot! Yu did my brother!

She such a sploot, she been 'round the block and back!
by piiglett. February 17, 2009
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