A game that originated in Pottstown, PA in which several couples stand around a giant cookie. Every couple stands side-by-side facing the center of the cookie and then the men whip their dicks out. When the start of the game is called the women immediately start giving their man a handjob. The girlfriend of the last man to bust a load onto the cookie is responsible for eating the whole cookie, with topping.
"Yo man, how 'bout that sweet game of Splooey last night! I can't believe that bitch ate the whole fuckin thing!"
by john_raw September 13, 2011
Top Definition
Ejaculatory fluid
"Dude, you've got a major splooey stain on your pants!"
by jkl April 29, 2002
Spliff, joint, Cannabis cigarette.
Hey man shall we smoke a splooey?
by jacobcrystaldog1 May 02, 2010
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