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1. Any man whom has found financial success in the illegal distribution of crack cocaine. Their success is often short-lived and in order to sustain their explicit lifestyle, they must constantly put themselves at risk of armed robbery, venereal disease, imprisonment, and death.

2. Any man whom made a lasting fortune as a rock balla in the 1980s when crack rock was most popular, a.k.a., an OG.
Pimp C of UGK in "Take Tha Hood Back":

"I'm takin back the streets
Thang on the C
On parole but I'm cold with the heat
Candy coated rock balla
20 chop crawla
Bitches tryna steal my dick
I ain't bout to call her"
by john_raw November 30, 2011
A game that originated in Pottstown, PA in which several couples stand around a giant cookie. Every couple stands side-by-side facing the center of the cookie and then the men whip their dicks out. When the start of the game is called the women immediately start giving their man a handjob. The girlfriend of the last man to bust a load onto the cookie is responsible for eating the whole cookie, with topping.
"Yo man, how 'bout that sweet game of Splooey last night! I can't believe that bitch ate the whole fuckin thing!"
by john_raw September 13, 2011
Synonym for beasters. Originating in Norristown, PA, the term diggler nugg refers to any kind of marijuana that appears to be top shelf nugget at first glance, but after further inspection, reveals itself as a rip-off. Black market consumers in Norristown have very little time to inspect what they are buying and so they easily mistake this variety of bud for better kinds. Diggler nugg generally has a very attractive smell and is similar in appearance and weight to sinsemilla types like haze, kush, diesel, etc.
{Black Bull} "Yo I juss came up on some og kush my dude! Peep it dawg, two hunj a zip!"
{White Bull} "Oh nice! Let me take a quick peek here. Oh... I see, okay well, you can keep it buddy."
{Black Bull} "Huh? What da problem is?"
{White Bull} "You're the proud owner of some diggler nugg bro!"
by john_raw February 22, 2011
1. An abbreviation for the term "Shaky-Butt" which is commonly used in Norristown, PA. A shaky butt is a Strip club, or even better yet, it's a Titty Bar.

2. In general, it's any establishment where people can pay to watch nude women dance.
Classy Guy #1: "Yo bull, there ain't no bitches at this bar... you tryin' to hit da Shake?"

Classy Guy #2: "Yeah, fuck it..."
by john_raw October 11, 2011
Any unfortunate person with the affliction of Palmar Hyperhidrosis. This condition is often referred to as Dead Fish Handshake or "Servin' Up Week-old Lunchmeat".
A living legend of Norristown, PA, “Wamps” is a deliberately strange and very outspoken individual who began collecting nicknames as an adolescent. “Fish-Grease” makes himself a target for nicknames because of his poor style of dress, sinister laugh, foul body odor, twisted philosophy, and overall lack of righteousness. Despite his lower back tattoo, “Rat-Scrap” has managed to maintain several groups of friends, most of them being from high school and the rest from hanging out at local bars. For example, when “Patty-Cake” is posted up at Nippers he is known as “Creeper”. If he were to leave Nippers and walk up the street to Chapps, he would be greeted as “Waffles”. “Splish” pretends that the nickname-calling doesn’t bother him, but his evil sneer will show you that he’s irritated. When “Hagfish” gives daps to the people that know him, a firm handshake is out of the question because “Slimer” has palms that are constantly gooey. It is usual for most people to offer “Slick” a fist-pound, of which he will likely refuse because “Squirtchy” knows that pounds are blatantly disrespectful. His closest friends don’t risk touching his fishy hand and if anything, they will attempt to give “Snailer” a simple head-nod. Legend has it that his brain stem was replaced by a salamander membrane (similar to a gland) which keeps his hands sticky. “Gerbil” can also be spotted driving his Ron-Lobster which is a red Mazda that’s been converted to an amphibious underwater exploration vessel.
by john_raw February 22, 2011
A term that originated in Norristown, PA which is often used to comment on a situation that really sucks.

In other words, it's like saying "that's fucked up."
"Some asshole shit in the hallway again... fuckin' rawby!"
by john_raw August 17, 2009

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