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Rims that are a cross between floaters and spinners. They must be at least 22". They consist of a rim with a floating liner and a spinner on top.

The whole rim is heavy, expensive, and complex, yet completes the package for any whip, scrayper, or donk.
"Check out the spoaters on that lifted donk! They must be 26"!"

"There are so many youtube videos of sploaters now."

"Niggas be hatin cus I gizzah put sploaters on ma whip. Fool I'm luggin' it now."
by R $money$ February 03, 2009
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A combination of spinners and floaters. Fully customizable with the ability to make either the inner or the outer layer float or spin or they can both spin or both float.
Check out the sploaters on that Escalade.
by DR 28 February 19, 2009

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