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A word referring to when one goes out for a picnic whilst also partaking in the smoking of Cannabis Cigarettes. The spelling is a mash-up of the words 'Spliff' and 'Picnic', hence, Spliffnic.
Person 1: "Hey you wanna go for a Spliff and a Picnic?"
Person 2: "I think you mean a Spliffnic!"
by mr. trousers March 21, 2012
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Anytime you are outside with a spliff and a blanket. Common with college students. Music, tea, hookah, cookies, musical instruments, hoola hoops, hot chicks and sunglasses is the formula for the picnic.
Stoner 1:"Dude, wanna roll one for a spliffnic on the Redstone Green?"

Stoner 2: "Sweet, you bring the blanket and the tunes!"
by MyEyesAreRed March 20, 2012

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