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1. A descriptive term pertaining predominantly with male ejaculation, sometimes female, as well. 2. To describe a pending orgasm. 3. A term used announcing sexual intentions/wishes. 4. Used to describe a woman's period, or, 'time-of-the-month'. 5. Squeezing a liquid substance out of a squirt bottle or tube. 6. Used to give vague details of after birth when a woman produces a baby.
Sex completed: "Wow! I came and it really splert that time!"
Orgasm pending: "I'm gonna splert!" He said in passion.
Wanton desire: "Dude! I'd really like to splert her!"
Menstruation: "I used my last tampoon for my splert!"
Squirt bottle: "That ketchup came out in a splert."
Childbirth: "After she delivered, I had an intern clean up the splert on the floor!"
by Mike in Aurora, Colorado February 05, 2008
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