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Splashy means sexy and refreshing, appealing to the eyes, something that can wake you up like cold water to the face!
Girl I see splashy all over your body.
Your style is splashy.
by Melly Pinky Star February 14, 2005
When someone dresses nice. Fresh with madd swag!!!
"yo staxx is fresh"
"ye he dresses splashy styll"
by Harlem Staxx March 10, 2009
Someone is splashy when they have swagg,especially their own type of swagg and style, like being dressed in something nobody got or with everyone wants,their fly,attractive,appealing to the eye, and always fresh in the latest trends.
D flamez:yo my nigga that outfit you got on is splashy, at the club tonight you gon be splashin on em.

Ty Splashy:hell yeah splashin so hard these niggas gon need a life guard. straight drownin these bummy lames.

Dflamez: word . . . splash !
by Ty Splashy July 06, 2011
A girl being horny and becoming"wet"
OMG my boyfriend made me splashy when he showed me his penis
by misskautiee February 07, 2010
The property that hot beverages obtain when contained in an open-top container carried around for a distance of more than 5 meters.
Man, this splashy coffee ruined my shirt when I walked to the meeting.
by slybri74 August 12, 2010
The act of getting "Splashy", involves taking hallucinogenic drugs or drugs that make you feel all light and "splashy", or tripping balls..
pretty much getting "loose" is now getting "splashy"
I got so Splashy last night!
Fancy a Splash this evening/morning?
got stuff to splash with?
by TheLebaneseCucumberPod September 09, 2009
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