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Splarin' or Splarging.

A twisted pronunciation of the word “splurging”

v. To indulge in an extravagant expense that is unnecessary. To behave or act in an improper way; to be stupid or to do things without thinking ahead of time.
"Nigga I be Splargin" - Big Sean

"Fuck! I cut muy Hand!" "How'd you do that?" "IDK, I was Splarging"

"I just got paid! I took my girl to the mall and were Splargin"

"Momma can't be Splargin cause she's a broke nigga,

but my daddy can cause he's a P.I.M.P"
by CookieKingston June 14, 2011
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n. a really retarded person

v. a word used to confuse the heck out of someone
"I know a splagin named bob"
by Rev Olver February 12, 2004

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