to fuck something up, or basically to just do something
you splaked that.

im gonna go splak around

quit splakin off
by xxhomebrewxx March 16, 2009
Top Definition
To ejaculate, skeet, cum, blow load, spray, shoot.
I splakked on my girlfriends face last night.
by .:Splak|StackableNut October 09, 2005
a word used in north miami which means to hit someone or to rob someone.. depending on how its said..
yo ima splak that niga wen i see him..... or.... we need to splak that nigaz money..
by Cesar Velez March 02, 2007
sexual intercourse.
"I love it when girls let me splak on the first date."
by Sham November 19, 2003
To engage in sexual Practices; To throw something against the wall
You think I can come over and splak?
by Dr. Dick August 22, 2003
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