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sexual intercourse.
"I love it when girls let me splak on the first date."
by Sham November 19, 2003
To ejaculate, skeet, cum, blow load, spray, shoot.
I splakked on my girlfriends face last night.
by .:Splak|StackableNut October 09, 2005
to fuck something up, or basically to just do something
you splaked that.

im gonna go splak around

quit splakin off
by xxhomebrewxx March 16, 2009
a word used in north miami which means to hit someone or to rob someone.. depending on how its said..
yo ima splak that niga wen i see him..... or.... we need to splak that nigaz money..
by Cesar Velez March 02, 2007
To engage in sexual Practices; To throw something against the wall
You think I can come over and splak?
by Dr. Dick August 22, 2003