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A Term originated at Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies (or SOCES) in Tarzana Ca. Refers to ones ability to flirt. Often used hand in hand with splatata. One can be "spitting game" or "having all the spitz". One who has spitz is referred to as a spitter.
Friend: Yo Chris, Mah dude, I saw you spitting game over there with Megan.

Chris: Haha, ya dude I really like her.

Friend: This guy, you got all the spitz bro.
by JewGuru69 November 02, 2011
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Based on the indiscretions of NYS governor Elliot Spitzer...

"Oh...oh mah God...I'm gonna spitz!"

"Holy shit, there's spitz everywhere"
by Tizzy M November 20, 2008
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sunflower seed brand, they come in sunflower and pumpkin seeds.
what do you keep spitting out?

spitz sunflower shells, im eatin sunflower seeds.
by chuck12345 August 29, 2007
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an acronym for Scrotum (Sack) Pinched In The Zipper or simply known as SPITZ situation. A condition that no man truly deserves.
In one man's life time, he is expected, at least once, to go through the trial of "manhood". In which, the painful realization that the scrotum has some how managed to get itself enlodged in the zipper. He will then have to stand up like a man & try to pry his "family jewels" out of the jaws of death. It is speculated that this ordeal is the only thing that can make a grown man cry.
SPITZ Condition:
When Ted gets his genitals stuck in the zippers
Charlie Jensen: Is it the frank or the beans?
Ted: I don't know, both I guess.
Warren: from outside Franks and Beans! Franks and Beans!
- Something about Mary
by AZNrule! February 23, 2012
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