i) To be very thirsty, usually for a nice cup of tea (or cuppa).

- A metaphor for the mouth being so dry it feels like it's full of feathers.

ii) To be very angry - foaming at the mouth.

- With the flecks of saliva flying from the mouth (when enraged) being likened to feathers.
i) Aw man, after swigging that salt I'm spitting-feathers. You want a cuppa?

ii) You should have seen him - he was spitting-feathers. I only stroked his beard once.
by Cumberpatch September 06, 2006
8 Words related to Spitting-feathers
wish i hadn,t or had done something either good or bad
i was spitting feathers because i hadn,t put lotto numbers on and they come up.
by vontheone February 15, 2009

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