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A girl that gets spun while she is giving one guy a blowjob and getting banged from behind by another.
Bro, we totally spitfired tracy last night by the pool.
by NewportSpitfires August 11, 2009
14 38
when two men eaither cum or spit on one womans nipples and race eachother down to her vagina, the loser has to lick out the womans ass.
"hey jerry, lets go spitfire your mum"
by corey connolly *xandraba* April 27, 2010
6 35
Another name for the Chrysler Crossfire. Used mainly in the urban ghetto.
"Rass, check out that spitfire"
by A22 July 18, 2008
0 29
The worlds best skate wheel ever they wear only if you skate them hard.
kid 1:spitfires suck
kid 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,and 9:we'll kill ya!!!
by mikemicel April 04, 2006
21 50
I am a spitfire because I am a redhead, highly emotional, and when angry, words sting like fire shot from my mouth.
Yikes what a spitfire!
by Spitfire -- what else ;) March 12, 2005
38 71
the act of giving oral or muffdiving into a red headed woman (or man) and spitting out their firey red pubes
Eric: aww man last night i spitfire on that chick with gingervitis. Am i infected now?

Rick: dude yurr mutha fickin screwed!
by gingervitis_kills! April 12, 2009
39 74
Skating brand, and very cool song by The Prodogy.
Look at my cool spitfire sweatshirt!
Im listening to spitfire by The Prodogy!
by Mr. Man May 05, 2005
14 52