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For three people to engage in a sexual act, in which a male or female is in the "doggy" style position. And one male is doing the individual in the middle from behind, whilst the other is copping oral pleasure.
Example 1: "Me and Ricky put this dirty mutt on spit last night in Jubilee"

Example 2: "That chick gives great blow jobs man, and Ricky said she has a tight pipe"
by Travis Dere March 04, 2008
3 6
A rapper or emcee's way of saying, "Bust a rhyme."
"I spit flames."
by 5iNcoGNiTo June 13, 2004
540 133
when a chick hates the taste of the man juice.

oppisite of swallow
mary anne spits

she looks like she would swallow
by max March 28, 2005
452 212
To freestyle
yo let me spit
by AC June 03, 2003
286 128
To rap.
Rhymes I be spittin
by cameo March 12, 2003
179 96
To freestyle/rap. A slang used in the hood, or ghetto.
"Yo dawg, spit a rhyme for us"
by anonymous October 11, 2003
203 122
1) To release non-gaseous substances from the mouth; to expactorate.
This includes saliva, water, chewing tobacco, etc.

2) Saliva.

3) To proverbiably make a grand show of disrespect towards values, rules, ideas, etc. Followed by 'on', 'upon', etc.
1) I was kicked out of the restaurant for spitting in the flower vase.

2) Randy drools while he sleeps, which explains the large puddle of spit on and around his desk.

3) After hearing me out, Randy spat upon my values and lied to his mother about the muddy hiking boots.
by Diggity Monkeez January 23, 2005
138 91
What women do if they won’t swallow.
"I know it's good for me but I'm just gonna have to spit.."
by Esteban Lorenzo August 19, 2003
113 72