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1. To forcibly expel liquid from your mouth.
2. To show great disrespect to something.
3. For a woman to dislike a man's juices.
4. A slang for rappers that means to freestyle when rappin.
1. The milk was bad, so he spit it out.
2. He spit on the war in Iraq, because his bro was over there.
3. She always spits, she doesnt want to swallow.
4. "Yo jus fukin let me spit!"
by LudaJosh January 12, 2009
1. Someone who is constantly harassed by assholes.

2. A president who was elected for eight years to deal with the shithole called America's "economy".
3. A poor bastard who is ostrisized because of something that former presidents created and he had to deal with it ( It was called desert storm you fucking retards remember it was back in the 90s and just started spilling over as soon as bush was elected)
4. A man who did manage to choke on a pretzel. ( but it was only stupid because he made it a matter of national security)
1. Everyone who made versions of this definition.

2. America's economy was in the shitter cuz of the dumbass horndog before bush.

3. Desert Storm was started in the early 1990s by Bush Sr. and completly mishandled by Clinton, LOOK IT THE FUCK UP cuz bush didnt start the war in his first few months of office he just continued it like Obama HAS to

4. Bush - " Kill all those damn pretzels for terrorism! "
by LudaJosh January 19, 2009

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