also means back stab, but no one really uses it
i just got spineshanked by my best friend
by kyle December 04, 2003
Top Definition
An awesome metal band everyone should listen to. A few of their many great songs to hear are "Smothered", "Violent Mood Swings", "New Disease", and "Synthetic". I could go on and on...Jonny, Mike, Rob, and Tommy, you rock!
My SpineShank CD skips now because I have listened to it nonstop.
by metalmistress December 09, 2003
The BEST rock-metal band on this fucking planet. No one will EVER compare to Spineshank. Jonny Santos, Tommy Decker, Rob Garcia & Mike Sarkisyan; are my fucking heroes!! FUCK Integrity!!!
I blast Spineshank in my car while driving by churches on Sunday morning.
by Vegeta_Insane September 25, 2003
a good band...(need i say more)
me: do you like spineshank?
dumbass: no!
*gun shot*
by person who knows his shit November 17, 2003
badass band if you dont like them, fuck you
matt: hey do you like spineshank
aaron: no
matt: hahahaha queer fuck you
by you drink pp March 27, 2003
To quickly and repeatedly stab someone in the spine, most likely killing them.
I was playing CSS today and I spine shanked so mane noobs.
by Foobadoobadoo January 14, 2007
Another way to say anal sex
Brett:spineshank be harder lover
John:ok i will spineshank you harder
by Metalhead900 March 04, 2007
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