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Awesome Metal-Mosher band with songs such as "Perseverance," "This Is Now," and "I Will Be Heard" that everyone should listen to.
That moshpit was incredible...must've been at a Hatebreed show.
by MetalMistress December 10, 2003
An awesome metal band everyone should listen to. A few of their many great songs to hear are "Smothered", "Violent Mood Swings", "New Disease", and "Synthetic". I could go on and on...Jonny, Mike, Rob, and Tommy, you rock!
My SpineShank CD skips now because I have listened to it nonstop.
by metalmistress December 09, 2003
Metal band that rocks with great songs such as "Mirror's Reflection," "Poem," "Dreams," "Hate Myself," and "Mine."
That metal band was so awesome...felt like I was at a Taproot show.
by MetalMistress December 10, 2003
Excellent metal band. Listen to "Self-Medicate" to become a fan. Also check out spineshank if you like 40 Below Summer.
40 Below Summer rocks!
by MetalMistress December 14, 2003
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