The spiderman is something that often happens to guys that go to prison on their first night in the shower. All the other guys beat up the "fresh fish" and push him to the ground in the corner of the shower then they form a circle around him and beat off till they cum in their hand and sling it at the new guy that all beat up and crying like a little girl. As they throw the cum at him they yell "Go Web!". Its a way of showing the new guy that from that minute on he's somebody's bitch.
Damn, look over there, that guy's gettin spiderman'ed! They pushed him to the floor, beat off in their hands and threw the nut all over him. He's somebody's bitch now..... sad.
by Big Duff March 06, 2009
When you are banging a chick from behind, you cum in your hand and spit on her anus, thus making her think you have ejaculated on her, when she turns around you throw that shit at her in a spiderman-esque fashion.
I was banging this bitch, then I pulled a spiderman on her.
by Alex January 18, 2004
When a guy cums in his hand and then flings the cum like spidey shooting webs.
I jerked off,then snuck up on my girlfriend so i could spiderman that shit all over her.
by kahner May 02, 2005
This guy who does whatever a spider can.
Spins a web... any size... catches thieves... just like flies...
by Squeed March 07, 2005
When your fucking a girl (Doesnt matter which way) and right before you about to cum you pull out. You then jizz on your hand and mimicking spider-man throw your jizz in the girls face, while yelling "GO WEB GO!"
"Dude, you seriously gave the bitch the spider-man?
by Relorian February 02, 2005
A Spiderman is when a guy cums in his hand then flings it onto his partner's face just like Spiderman shoots his web. (Original)
"Dude, I gave that broad a Spiderman Peter Parker would be proud about!"
by Jammin' Jeff April 12, 2007
this freakin' awesome guy when flings webs and does whatever a spider can.Hes sexy & he has spideyy senses!!
spider-man is my hero!!
by bobby boy December 28, 2005
When dancing with a girl at a frat/bar you place your hand down the front of her jeans and slide in Spiderman fashion (middle and ring finger inserted with other three fingers out to the sides a la Tobey Maguire). Singing the Spiderman theme song adds to the ambiance.
Hey Jimmy I saw you Spiderman that chick on the dance floor last night. She must have been really wet.
by Phantom Shaver February 12, 2009
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