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pubic lice that are extra large., an STI (sexualy transmited insect)
stay away from that hole, she got spidermonkey crawling around.
by ink_addict_rob June 05, 2010
A term used to describe one whom you have a large amount of affection for.
Jane: "I love you Spider-Monkey"

Michael "Why thankyou Jane"
by pinklily06 February 03, 2010
spider monkeys are creatures that lie in the depth of a man/womans bum hair (bush) they cling onto long curl strands and are hard to get rid off
yo turner wen you gunna get rig of your infestation of spider monkeys!!!
by banky11 October 11, 2006
Simply elite.
Spidermonkey > you
by A fan. March 24, 2004
Bella Swan. The main character in the Twilight series.
Edward Cullen to Bella Swan: "You better hold on tight Spidermonkey."
by AmericanReject March 02, 2009
Essentially a chach, displaying chachy behavior and generally acting like a chachmonkey
You guys are a bunch of spidermonkeys! Let's do something cool, and stop acting like spidermonkeys!
by John X. Stamos March 01, 2009
A sexual move combining the spiderman and monkey face moves.
"You superman that ho?" "No." "You robocop that ho?" "No." "You spiderman that ho?" "Close, I made that ho a spidermonkey."
by JLinHK May 20, 2008