To howl like a monkey while shooting sperm onto your partner's limbs as if tying them to the bed with a webbing only to have intercourse with them afterwards.
I can't wait to Spidermonkey, I get to put the prime in primate!
by RedneckGamer January 27, 2015
pubic lice that are extra large., an STI (sexualy transmited insect)
stay away from that hole, she got spidermonkey crawling around.
by ink_addict_rob June 05, 2010
spider monkeys are creatures that lie in the depth of a man/womans bum hair (bush) they cling onto long curl strands and are hard to get rid off
yo turner wen you gunna get rig of your infestation of spider monkeys!!!
by banky11 October 11, 2006
A term used to describe one whom you have a large amount of affection for.
Jane: "I love you Spider-Monkey"

Michael "Why thankyou Jane"
by pinklily06 February 03, 2010
Bella Swan. The main character in the Twilight series.
Edward Cullen to Bella Swan: "You better hold on tight Spidermonkey."
by AmericanReject March 02, 2009
A sexual position where the male inserts his penal object into the breastulare corals (may be commonly referred to as cleavage) and achieves orgasmic fusion as the female makes a licking or sucking motion on the male's testicles.
Jeff's busty ginger girlfriend suggested the spider monkey position after the missionary position got old.
by pussypunker December 31, 2010
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