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A term that descibes a dick during the act of intercourse which leaves the receiver with the distinct impression that they are experiencing eight dicks as opposed to one.
-He has such a spider dick. I honestly thought I'd been tricked into a gang bang until I turned around.

-If only I had a spider dick then maybe I could be lucky with the ladies as well.

-Spider dick, spider dick, does whatever a spider dick does, spin a web? No it' cant, it's a dick! What a dick! Look ouuuutt, here comes the spider dick!
by captain turbo March 09, 2010
18 6
When a girl you are banging has not had sex in so long that you have to go through the cobwebs and get bit on the dick by a spider.
I was with this girl the other night and she gave me Spiderdick!
by Crazyman4685 January 19, 2011
4 1
refers to a particularly small penis; similar to the size of a male spiders' genitalia.
Tony has a spiderdick, I didn't even feel it! But, he could do it for hours!!
by niggerbaby May 02, 2008
5 9