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1.Slang for marijuana. Most people don't know of cannabis by this name, making it great when discussing pot around non-smokers and other people that could be offended by drug use.

2.Used by many Oregon natives as the word of choice for weed. If questioned about this word, you can just say you are sharing a recipe for some culinary delight.

3.Soon to be one of the most used word on the for marijuana on the street.
"Yo Joe, you want to go grab a bowl of Spicy Broccoli?"
"Sure man! That dank we smoked last time was the bomb!"

Sitting at home with your parents in the room, older brother walks in,

Brother: "hey man, you "eat" up all my Spicy Broccoli???
You:"No bro, but we can go to the store and get more later!"
Mom: "What is Spicy Broccoli?"
You: "Its only the best way to make broccoli! The store down the street might have some"
Mom: "oh, I'll have to try that!"
You: "Nah, I don't think you'll like it ma...."
by yhectank January 19, 2011
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