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I've been hearing a lot about the McGangbang from McDonald's, so I looked it up to see what it was. And what I found was that it is a sandwich I invented three our four years ago. Only I called it the Spicoli Burger. So i've come to the conclusion that any "McGangbang" that is not from McDonald's is a Spicoli Burger. A Spicoli Burger is when a double cheeseburger is split between the patties and an entire chicken sandwich is placed inside the double cheeseburger, unless it is from McDonald's. Then it is known as a McGangbang
friend 1: "Do you want to go to McDonald's and get a McGangbang?"

friend 2: "No, I'd rather go to Wendy's and get a Spicoli Burger."
by Spicoli Welch November 08, 2010
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