Slang term used by tramps for their favourite beverage - carlsberg special brew.
"Where's me Spesh you fucker!"

"I believe tonight will be a very speshial occasion."
by GRIFFISYOURDADDY April 20, 2004
Top Definition
<noun> Chiefly British Slang

1) To be one of a mentally diminished nature. See: retard

==> Term is a derivative of 'special' as some mentally challenged people are put in special areas of school and/or are known as "special people."

The term is used in a lighthearted sense to people who are not clinically disabled. Merely people who are known for doing absurd or stupid things.
FLETCH: "That fucking Fisheye... He's such an idiot!"
SCOTT: "Yeah he's such a fucking spesh."
FISHEYE: "Huh huh, I'm making a brew, shag yer bird, shag yer bird! Huh huh!"
by Stuart Fletcher April 02, 2005
A person you may have not known before pledging a sorority or fraterity that you became disguistingly close to, during the time of pledging.
Crista and Caroline are speshes.
by criroline October 08, 2008
short for special, only cool people can use it
those two girls are very spesh.
by kate December 24, 2004
Short for Special. The name for someone who is slightly lacking all necessary brain cells and frequently says things that are specially stupid!
No Spesh, you dont need to take the bank notes out of your pocket before going through the customs xray machine!
by H2theIzzo July 18, 2006
To be an awkward or confined space or social situation and feel uncomfortable.
Sitting with a group of people with everybody very close to you, what a spesh.
by Retrobit September 15, 2015
Originally obtained from wrestling and Tony Hawk video games, when a wrestler/skater does a series of standard moves correctly in a row, they go into "special" mode, where they pull off extraordinary, jedi-like moves.

In real life, going into "spesh mode" means that you are going above and beyond the call of duty, with little regard to your own saftey, welfare, and social stature, for a good laugh or a good time.

It also remains popular in the world of video games, where you can "uberspesh" and "blink yellow" while beating someone's ass.
Jonesy was speshin' so fucking hard on the dance floor last night. He did the Sprinker, riding the lawnmower, the Electric Slide, and even followed it with a pants-splitting "flying V."

Even though he was in spesh mode, he still didn't get any pussy.
by Jonesy420 May 17, 2006
Short for special. but not special in a good way, special as in mentally retarded.
"Oh my god Helen, you really are a spesh "
by XBX March 28, 2005
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