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Short for Special. The name for someone who is slightly lacking all necessary brain cells and frequently says things that are specially stupid!
No Spesh, you dont need to take the bank notes out of your pocket before going through the customs xray machine!
#special #stupid #himbo #bimbo #lovely
by H2theIzzo July 18, 2006
Originates from faking it, to be used when someone pretends to be more drunk than they actually are.
Did you see how pissed he was last night?
Yeh, but I reckon he was just jaking it.

He says he only pulled that minger coz he was drunk, but dont you think he's jaking it?!
#faking it #drunken stuper #jake #jaking #faking
by H2theIzzo July 18, 2006
The name for someone who can seriously say the sentence "I love cheese" more than 100 times in one day.
Cheese: "I love cheese, you know what i really love cheese (small pause), i LOVE cheese!"
#cheesy #beans #cheddar #edam #yum
by H2theIzzo July 18, 2006
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