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-someone belonging to a group that is incredibly physically attractive.
-an Italian with a nice body and amazing cooking skills.
-could possibly be linked to the maffia.
-refuses to believe his singing skills are anything below perfect.
-group of the sweetest and most fun-loving people alive who are amazingly talented in bed.

damn did you see those Speroni boys (jeff and tommy), id do them any day

why the hell are you with your loser boyfriend, you could have a Speroni making you happy.
by treee February 04, 2007
A typical Greek name. Can be found in the movie 300 or chilling with the Gods in Hercules. They usually are pretty awesome, but some of them have AIDS and they are quite proud of it which isn't cool. If you come across one make him or her get blood-tested before you are friends with them.
Friend 1: Dude that guy's such a Speronis.
Friend 2: I know he's so happy with his AIDS.
Friend 1: Nah the good kind.
Friend 2: Ah, bro, you should've got him tested.
Friend 1: No I know, it was in our contract along with the Celtics season passes.
by BobHopeAfrican July 19, 2010
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