Pwned, owned or in a sentence like 'you got spermed' it is like saying 'you got served'.
After Alex was owned by Andrew in COD, Andrew said "You got spermed!!"
by Johnny Star May 12, 2010
Top Definition
A replacement word used instead of "jizzed"
Erica says "Ew Bob you just spermed on that stuffed animal"
by naasty May 08, 2010
(v) To have sex with, or impregnate someone.
Sir Williams: Hey Cletus, I spermed your old lady.
Cletus: Whaaaaa?
Shondra: Oh no he di''nt!
by Sperminator July 18, 2006
the equivalent of jizzing in a vagina as the result of having sex.

in awesome terms, vulcanizing the whoopie stick in the ham wallet.

other forms include sperming and spermage.
i spermed the shit out of her last night.

i'm totally sperming all over.

dude, you should have seen the amount of spermage last night.
by kaylanicool November 30, 2011
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