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Describing an act of sexual intercourse that was unplanned, completely spontaneous, and performed without any foresight whatsoever.
Bob: Dude I met this girl from Kentucky last night, asked what her name was, didn't get an answer, brought her back to my lair, and then banged her guts out.

Dave: Sounds like that was totally sperm of the moment.

Bob: Yeah, it sure was.
by busdriverboris3 June 18, 2009
The act of messing around/flirting with a girl (or guy) simply because your bored or no one else worth messing with is around. The act occurs spur of the moment.
-Ey man, why was you messin' with her all yesterday?
-I dunno, sperm of the moment.
-Ohhh, I gotcha.
by C-Hud July 26, 2005
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