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1.) An incredibly unusual female. Generally quite good-looking, artistic and generally, cooler than you.
2.) A cute, feminine girl who doesn't always follow society standards, but instead makes ones that are better in her mind.
Sara:Why don't you put your hair in the sporty braid like all the other girls are always doing?
Annalese: I think its stupid.
Sara: But its society standards.
Annalese: What if society standard was wearing a trout on your head? And I think I look better this way.
Sara: It does look beter.
by Fruit ninja October 19, 2011
10 2
very cool,sexy,pretty girl doesn't care what people think and is the best wife to have she means the world to me and i cant live without her i hope to spend my entire life with her she thinks she's not pretty or cute when she actually is she is a wonderful person she is very interesting she makes you change your idea about things and she can really make you smile real big
annalese rios
by lasers96 August 08, 2012
5 4