To take a break or have a rest.
"Man, this work is tiring me out."

"Well have a Spell and I'll take over."
by Plain one September 14, 2013
A hick, inbred term used to describe a sudden spasm or seizure.
Me: Maw, Paw's done took a spell.
Maw: Better fetch the doc!
Paw (whilst drooling): Gaaaaahh!
by jsnas January 10, 2008
Graffiti artist from New Haven, CT. Known most for his standards: not hitting holy places and not hitting anything unless abandoned. Most notorious for his beefs with "crayon" and "Soke". A Gas Mask Kid, Co-founder. Raze's partner in crime. (although graffiti is not a crime)
by Evilution February 11, 2008
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