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When a penis is inside a vagina or ass and the vagina or ass farts or queef's.
I was motor-boating your mom's tits. Then while fucking her she queefed and was speed boating my dick.
by rusty trombone of destiny October 30, 2010
1. To procrastinate to the point of avoiding the thing completely
2. To do a job so badly nobody wants it, anyway.
Boss: What is this shit?
Employee: I was Speed Boat-ing...
Boss: You're fired!!!
by Lucille Tercio July 01, 2016
When you grab a girls breasts, put your face in them and go 'BRRRRRRRRRRRRR' while shaking your head from side to side.
I feel like Speed Boating her.
by MLTZER September 22, 2009
Chugging huge amounts of cock.
Guy Lombardo was not just a orchestra leader, he was into speedboating as well.
by Flava Jay December 13, 2006
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