Short for "Special Ed."
Person who acts like an idiot, or fails to recognize your superiority.
Dave, you are such a sped.
by Jimmy March 12, 2005
S.P.E.D. is collection of individuals based out of an undisclosed location in the western portion of the Chicagoland area. S.P.E.D. is commonly known for its diversity, and has members of Taiwanese, African American, Indian, and Pakistani descent. It is comprised of many versatile individuals pursuing careers in Law, Medicine, Finance and other fields, as well as degenerate members pursuing nothing in particular. This can often be misleading, although, as any given member is willing to throw down for s.p.e.d. They can typically be found rolling approx 30 deep at any given moment, and frequently enjoy parking lot pimpin'.
damn, s.p.e.d. is the shit.
by S.P.E.D. April 21, 2009
2. a kid who goes to highland park
3. a retard
4. your mom.
" you fail life. you sped. "
by can i smell ya nips? November 15, 2008
some one who is very clumbsy and is in special ed.
oh my god u sped u just knocked down that box of clothes.
by frawlss. January 08, 2007
Short for "special education", a slang term used to degrade another person and call them stupid, or moronic. Most commonly used when describing punk music artists
Dude he's such a f***in' sped!
by Roofus March 20, 2005
1. Stands for "special ed".
*Used in CS and other online games.
2. A different species that is the same as humans except they are small blobs.
"Why did the sped cross the road?"
"that guys is sped hacking!"
"Hey wanna sped?"
"That guy must be in sped!"
by craze3 January 24, 2004
Retarded. Slow.
I didn't sleep last night and I've been really sped today!
by Sooper! June 09, 2002

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