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this means your an asian barbie. necessarly for people who are preps. but for asian girls that can't catch footballs at pe. since there is no asian barbie... your a special edition one.
dude. you asian your such a special edition!
by one special edition April 09, 2005
Objects of this standard normally come in a metal tin, as opposed to normal packaging. The magic of the tin draws anywhere upto a 50% (and somtimes beyond) the margin on the RRP.
Gamer 1: Dude look i bought pong today
Gamer 2: Classssssic, how much it set you back?
Gamer 1: Well, it was $2.99 on Steam, but i payed $39.99
Gamer 2: wtfbbqlolz!?!?!?!!
Gamer 1: Special edition, see here is the tin *reveals tin*
Gamer 2: Oh sero, bargin!

for other examples of special editions please refer to tuna
by Aussie Jason June 11, 2008