The effect of someone becoming hotter when they wear glasses. Coined on reddit.
Woah, did Meg get hotter?

She just got glasses; she's got a serious case of spec-appeal.
by adjective-noun January 12, 2012
Top Definition
When a person looks better in glasses
"Yo who is that girl over there"
"It's Cindy"
"What she was not that pretty yesterday"
"She got glasses now"
"There needs to be a word for this"
"Dude I got it, Spec-appeal
by jamesbico January 27, 2012
When you see a hot girl, who's hotness is increased by the fact she wears glasses.
"Dude, do you see that hot girl in glasses across the bar?"

"Yeah man, she's got Spec-appeal!"
by Mr.Mater January 14, 2012
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