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1.The act of SpawnFucking. In an online First-Person-Shooter, to SpawnFuck means to completely decimate the entire opposing team, repeatedly killing them as they spawn from dying.

2. Getting fucked over by the poor spawning system in an online First-Person-Shooter so that you respawn on top of/in front of an enemy bullet, grenade, or other explosive.
1. Helpless noob: "omg we are getting SpawnFucked by these hackers!!!11!!!one!!!!*turns off Xbox"
SpawnFucker: "NOOO HE WAS HOST!!!!!"

2. Normal Player: "Yay, finally a game." *joins the game and instantly dies to an enemy grenade* "...Wow, what a SpawnFuck" *turns off Xbox*
#xbox #rage #ragequit #spawn #spawn trap #i'm gay
by AnnoyedXbox360Guy July 21, 2011
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