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Spav or Spavvie is taken from a Terry Pratchett novel - meaning totally useless person
Pedro: Where's my shoes?
Paulo: On your feet ya spav!
by Cosmica August 15, 2008
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A whack-ass, honky mutha-fcka.
Yo, we was just chillin' -- you know, kickin' it live, when this poindexter-lookin', Greek sneaker wearin', spav mutha fcka rolls up and spits, "hey guys, what's the dizzle?" So I took his punk ass out.
by Hoo T. Mac March 28, 2003
A Spanish chav. Ideally sporting a mullet and a diamond stud in left ear.
I totally go for the spav look, you know, mullets and all.
by Ducksocks July 10, 2008
A person of Half-Greek origin, curly hair, glasses, Puma Jacket, and hip-hop raps that would make you want to pop a cap in his ass.
Yo, check out the dude on the microphone. That boy is a SPAV.
by T Dog March 28, 2003

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