the area between the testicles and anus
by Anonymous July 21, 2003
Generally a cool person with a Tattoo on his leg of a Spatula
"Hey nice Spatch tat"
by Chris Spatula August 11, 2009
the wet spot created by the act of successful sexual intercourse
"Honey, grab the squeegee and clean up that spatch".
by teej October 16, 2003
when hitting a volleyball on full contact and the ball only moves at a slow speed
Dont spatch the volleyball!
by Pat Molsen #17 August 09, 2006
The effluvia byproduct of ejaculating in the anus. Spatch is sometimes removed from the anus by FELCHING.
A greasy glob of spatch slowly worked its way out of her well-fucked anus.
by Anonymous May 31, 2003
it's someone is a bitch or a loser, someone who is easily tricked or a mother fucker can be used for both boys and girls.
your such a freaking spatch!
by not vaild January 10, 2008
A never-ending game between an ever-growing group of friends. It has no set rules and can never fully be explained. The basic premise is that one player, designated as The Spatch, must "spatch" another player by throwing a designated Spatcher while the player has his head turned. The Spatch must psyche out th eplayer he is attempting to spatch. For example, The Spatch would say to someonehe wants to spatch: "Hey John, could you grab that CD from over there?" John would turn around to look at the desk where a CD would be and instinctively ask "what cd?" Before he has the oppurtunity to think about the situation and realize he is about to be spatched, The Spatch would throw the spatcher at his victims head, thus making him The Spatch. Any person can become a part of The Spatch Coalition at any time, with or without prior consent. If one is spatched, he has no choice but to assume the role of The Spatch and carry out his duty. Unlike other similar games, it is okay to spatch the person who spatched, as long as one can legitimatly pysche him out. Attempting an illegal spatch can result in several types of retribution, to be determined by the players who are present to witness it. Illegal spatches may include,but are not limited to, saying someone's name and proceding to throw the spatch directly at his face as he looks up, spatching with any item other than the spatcher that was previously agreed upon, or spatching someone who is under the influence of any substance.
by Anonymous July 21, 2003

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