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To torrent/pirate any sort of media.
I am sparrowing the Pirates of the Caribbean movies right now!
by Sparrower21 March 04, 2011
1 4
When you think a clean glass door or window is open and you fly into it like a sparrow would a glass window. Leaving you slightly dozy until you shake off the embarrassment.
"The new sliding door is super clean so don't go sparrowing through it!"
by Vaughanonymous` April 01, 2013
32 1
The act of holding your breath after taking a toke on a spliff then as it becomes more difficult to keep the breath in, breathing in. Aiming to take at least 3 breaths before it becomes unbearable and you have to let it out.

Helps if you are standing to allow your lungs full capacity but be sure you have a friend who can catch you when you forget your legs are there!
Dude: Hey man, you know when you hold your breath after a toke, try to breath in when it gets hard to hold it!
Man: *tries* Woooah! Dude, I'm sparrowing!
by Bladeface December 22, 2013
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To torrent or download a pirated software, movies, music, games, etc.
Dude, I'm sparrowing the new Linkin Park album from thepiratebay right now.
by sphoenix21 January 01, 2011
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