To torrent or download a pirated software, movies, music, games, etc.
Dude, I'm sparrowing the new Linkin Park album from thepiratebay right now.
by sphoenix21 January 01, 2011
Top Definition
When you think a clean glass door or window is open and you fly into it like a sparrow would a glass window. Leaving you slightly dozy until you shake off the embarrassment.
"The new sliding door is super clean so don't go sparrowing through it!"
by Vaughanonymous` April 01, 2013
the classy duck face? Look off into the distance like you're slightly confused. keep your mouth somewhat ajar and your facial muscles slack. now get your photo taken. try to keep your eyes open wide.
im trying to take your picture, why are you staring at nothing looking confused? and why is your mouth open? because you're sparrowing? you're and idiot and i hope a bird shits in your mouth.
by ADD hero July 03, 2014
The act of holding your breath after taking a toke on a spliff then as it becomes more difficult to keep the breath in, breathing in. Aiming to take at least 3 breaths before it becomes unbearable and you have to let it out.

Helps if you are standing to allow your lungs full capacity but be sure you have a friend who can catch you when you forget your legs are there!
Dude: Hey man, you know when you hold your breath after a toke, try to breath in when it gets hard to hold it!
Man: *tries* Woooah! Dude, I'm sparrowing!
by Bladeface December 22, 2013
To torrent/pirate any sort of media.
I am sparrowing the Pirates of the Caribbean movies right now!
by Sparrower21 March 04, 2011
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