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One of the four founders/houses of Snogwarts, the Mary Sue version of Hogwarts, dedicated to the four main categories Mary Sues fall into when a Suethor (literally, a Mary Sue Author) writed fanfic in the Harry Potter fandom.
Any OC (original character) who is bright, chipper, happy, bubbly, beautiful (blonde) and has a porn star body with a 5 year old girl's "innosence" falls into the house of Sparkleypoo. She is smarter than Hermione, but quite humble about it, the love intirest of ebery boy at Hogwarts and will make professor Snape so OOC, readers want to either stab their eyes out or try to reach through the screen to kill the Mary Sue as painfully as possable. Her patronus and her animagus are either a unicorn or a rainbow pegasus and she kills all of the cannon in any HP story. Common Sparkleypoo names: Serena, Selena, Krystall, Rose Potter or Sapphire.
Mary Sue: Hello! My name is Strawberry Vanilla CocoabutterLove! I'm a slut but I'm so sweet!


Mary Sue: Tee hee!
by Peaseblossom85 July 15, 2006
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