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A rather trampy looking female who wears clothing with as many rhinestones and sequins as humanly possible. This female is often a glowing orange color due to over tanning, heavily made over, and has pin straight hair. Sparkle sluts are known to dance on top of each other in order to gain the attention of males and are considered the dirtiest of all bar inhabitants. Although these loathsome ladies dress to be eye-catching, be warned! You may think you want to get in on that but the allure of a sparkle slut disappears completely overnight as her makeup and your alcohol wear off.
"Wow, look at those sparkle sluts."
"That's an awful thing to call somebody."
"They're dressed entirely in sequins and are making out with and grinding on top of eachother."

"Oh, good call. I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole."
by SarahhhKayyy August 15, 2011

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