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What Flower Children Tree Hugging gumos are doing when they spew 'make love, not war' and other silly verbal attacks on the public.
Whats with the picketing in Washington.......Just a bunch of hippies Sparkle Farting.
by Dakeboy 59 November 06, 2012
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A member of any sex who exudes a relentlessly upbeat, over-the-top, rose-tinted glasses cheery personality that may initially come across as cute, but becomes tiresome. Soon their endless gushing over everything soon with childish enthusiasm comes across as shallow and immature.
'My neighbour just finished painting a mural of rainbows and unicorns ....and it's in her bedroom. She's such a sparkle fart.'
by snaffles January 03, 2017
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When you eat a pound of glitter, a pound of beans, sit by an oscillating fan, and wait....
Tony went to the party store and after he had a bad case of the sparkle farts
by current RMC student December 29, 2016
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